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Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held on 7th September 2023

7:57 pm, Monday, 18th September 2023 - 7 months ago

Present:           Councillor Lindley (in the Chair)

Councillors Aisthorpe, Astbury, Beasant, Boyd, Brookes, Cairns, Croft, Dawkins, Downes, Farren, Freeston, Goodwin, Harness, Henderson, Holland, Hudson, Jackson, Mickleburgh, Morland, Patrick, Pettigrew, Shepherd, Shutt, Silvester, Smith, K Swinburn, S Swinburn, Wheatley and Wilson.

Officers in Attendance:

  • Rob Walsh (Chief Executive)
  • Sharon Wroot (Executive Director Place and Resources)
  • Simon Jones (Assistant Director Law and Governance – Monitoring Officer)
  • Paul Windley (Democratic and Scrutiny Team Manager)
  • Paul Wisken (Civic and Mayoral Officer)


Apologies for absence from this meeting were received from Councillors Batson, Brasted, Cracknell, Haggis, Hasthorpe, Parkinson, Robinson, Sandford, Shreeve and Westcott.


The Monitoring Officer advised Council that there was no requirement for Members who were also members of parish councils to declare an interest in item NEL.36.

There were no declarations of interest in relation to any items on the agenda for this meeting.


The Council considered a report setting out the findings of the consultation on the review of North East Lincolnshire Council’s electoral cycle.


  1. That the consultation responses and outcome detailed within the report now submitted at appendix A, be noted.
  2. That this Council continue with the current election frequency of elections by thirds.


The Council considered a report setting out the findings of the first consultation phase of the Parish Council Community Governance Review.


1.   That the feedback received during the first consultation phase of the parish council community governance review as set out in Appendices 2 and 3 of the report now submitted, be received and noted.

2.   That, with the exception of Immingham Town Council, the draft recommendation be that the governance and electoral arrangements of all of the current parish councils in North East Lincolnshire remain unchanged.

3.   That, for Immingham Town Council, the draft recommendation be that no change be made to the existing governance and electoral arrangements, except that the Town Wards be changed to a North and South split, as per option 2, with 7 Town Councillors representing the North Town Ward and 8 Town Councillors representing the South Town Ward.  These changes would be implemented with effect from the next full Town Council elections.

4.   That, based on the outcome of the first consultation phase, the draft recommendation be that no new parish or town councils be established in North East Lincolnshire at this time.

5.   That the draft recommendations above be published for consultation purposes from 8th September to 3rd November 2023 inclusive.

6.   That the results of the second consultation phase be reported back to Communities Scrutiny Panel in November 2023 and that the panel be asked to make a recommendation to Council for consideration at its meeting on 14th December 2023 on the final proposal for Immingham Town Council, based on the feedback from the second consultation phase.

7.   That the Monitoring Officer be asked to raise any governance issues highlighted during the first consultation phase with those parish councils affected.

8.   That the Assistant Chief Executive be instructed to forward any parish council related issues received during the first consultation phase to the relevant Parish Council for their attention.

With all business having been concluded, the Mayor declared the meeting closed at 7.30 p.m.