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Special Council 30th November 2023

2:31 pm, Friday, 1st December 2023 - 7 months ago

Present:  Councillor Lindley (in the Chair)

Councillors Aisthorpe, Astbury, Batson, Beasant, Boyd, Brasted, Brookes, Cairns, Croft, Dawkins, Downes, Farren, Freeston, Goodwin, Haggis, Harness, Hasthorpe, Henderson, Holland, Hudson, Jackson, Mickleburgh, Morland, Patrick, Pettigrew, Reynolds, Sandford, Shepherd, Shreeve, Shutt, Silvester, Smith, Westcott, Wheatley and Wilson.

Officers in Attendance:

  • Sharon Wroot (Executive Director Place and Resources)
  • Simon Jones (Assistant Director Law and Governance – Monitoring Officer)
  • Tracy Frisby (Registrars and Civics Manager)
  • Paul Windley (Democratic and Scrutiny Team Manager)


                     Apologies for absence from this meeting were received from Councillors Cracknell, McLean, Parkinson, Robinson, K Swinburn and S Swinburn.


There were no declarations of interest in relation to any items on the agenda for this meeting.


  The Council considered a report from the Leader of the Council on a proposed devolution deal for Greater Lincolnshire. This report had been considered at the special meetings of the Economy Scrutiny Panel on 28th November 2023 and Cabinet on 30th November 2023.

Following a debate, a recorded vote was requested in accordance with the requirements of the Council’s Standing Orders.  The votes cast were recorded as follows:

For the Motion:

Councillors Astbury, Batson, Beasant, Boyd, Brasted, Brookes, Cairns, Croft, Dawkins, Freeston,  Harness, Hasthorpe, Henderson, Hudson, Jackson, Lindley, Pettigrew, Reynolds, Sandford, Shepherd, Shreeve, Silvester, Smith and Westcott (24 votes).

Against the Motion:

Councillors Aisthorpe, Downes, Farren, Goodwin, Haggis, Holland, Mickleburgh, Morland, Patrick, Shutt, Wheatley and Wilson (12 votes).


That the following decisions of Cabinet on 30th November 2023 be supported:

  1. That the devolution deal document attached at Appendix A of the report now submitted be approved.
  • That the draft proposal for  the creation of a Greater Lincolnshire Combined County Authority attached at Appendix B (“the Proposal”) of the report now submitted, be approved for the purposes of public consultation in accordance with the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act 2023.
  • That the carrying out of public consultation on the proposal in accordance with paragraphs 1.26 to 1.30 of the report now submitted and the Consultation document at Appendix C of the report now submitted, be approved.
  • That authority be delegated to the Chief Executive to approve any minor amendments to the draft proposal or consultation arrangements. This delegation is to be exercised in consultation with the Leader of the Council and is conditional upon agreement to such amendments by the other Constituent Councils.

With all business having been concluded, the Mayor declared the meeting closed at 8.14 p.m.